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Tire Changing Made Simple with Stubby
Do you fear the day when you have to change your tires? You swear Dunlop made the tire too small to fit your rim. Do your rims look like they went through a rock tumbler after you are done putting your new Geomax on? Well, you are in luck! Stubby is going to show you step by step how to change your motorcycle tire. With our Patent Pending tire tool, you will not only protect your wheels, but you will be able to change tires in a snap. Stubby’s unique design allows the tool to stay farther away from the tube which helps prevent pinching tubes. (We said “helps prevent”, some riders just like to pinch tubes!)

Please follow these instructions as you can break your Stubby if you do not follow the tire changing steps in this guide.
Stubby recommends you wear gloves while changing tires. You will need to find a small steel trash can or another fixture to hold the wheel flat and not damage the sprocket or brake rotor. Stubby’s are not to be used with Mousse tube inserts!

non grip pair of stubby tire tools

small grip pair of stubby tire tools