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 We offer many different courses on a variety of dining, proper introductions, thank you note writing and more!

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Business Etiquette in the real world

Business Etiquette
You only have one opportunity to make a good first impression. Make it count.
Individuals empowered with confidence and poise are more likely to succeed. Utilizing life skills can make the difference in; Job offers, promotions, securing a client contract, acceptance into a college/graduate program or maintaining a personal relationship.
Topics covered are:

* Self-Presentation Skills
* Telephone Skills
* E-mail and Internet Protocol
* Thank You Notes
* Office Protocol
* Networking Skills
* Dining
* Business Lunch
* Professional Dress for Women
* Professional Dress for Men
* Social Etiquette

During our etiquette courses, we encourage participants to discuss any of the topics we teach such as Dining, Networking, Professional Dress, Correspondence, E-mail Etiquette, etc. and we deal with the proper way to handle these situations.

Dining plays a necessary role in the way we conduct business today. Our entire American culture has become much more casual. Once you have learned the skills taught in our courses, you will have the confidence to participate in any dining experience and actually enjoy yourself.

Take Your Success to the Next Level!

Success in your business career and your social life demands that you present yourself as professionally confident and socially polished. We'll show you how to strengthen your personal presence, whether you are in the board room or dining with dignitaries.
Our personal attention to detail and focus sessions add the polish that will distinguish you as poised and confident while developing and maintaining business and social relationships.

This dynamic program is excellent for presentation to executive spouses who wish to polish their social, dining and communications skills.

A sample of topics covered may include:

* Relationship building
* Business travel
* Mastering the first meeting
* Electronic etiquette
* Professional business dress
* Presence and poise
* Reception vs. receiving lines

* Cocktail party strategies
* Networking skills
* Seniority and deference
* Avoiding business faux pas
* Advanced dining skills
* Silverware savvy
* Business body language
* The silent service code
* Business entertaining
* Professional correspondence




Social and business etiquette can be tricky, and making the right moves can make a big difference. Take this quiz and see how you fare in the following business situations.

1. Your boss, Ms. Alpha, enters the room when you're meeting with an important client, Mr. Beta. You rise and say "Ms. Alpha, I'd like you to meet Mr. Beta, our client from San Diego." Is this introduction correct?

2. At a social function, you meet the CEO of an important corporation. After a brief chat, you give him your business card. Is this correct?

3. You answer the phone for a peer who's available, and ask "Who's calling, please?" Are you correct?

4. You're entering a cab with an important client. You position yourself so the client is seated curbside. Is this correct?

5. You're hosting a dinner at a restaurant. You've pre-ordered for everyone and indicated where they should sit. Are you correct?

6. A toast has been proposed in your honor. You say "thank you" and take a sip of your drink. Are you correct?

7. You're in a restaurant and a thin soup is served in a cup with no handles.
To eat it you should:
a. pick it up and drink it
b. use the spoon provided
c. eat half of it with a spoon and drink the remainder

8. You're at a dinner and champagne is served with the dessert. You simply can't drink champagne yet know the host will be offering a toast.
Do you:
a. tell the waiter "no champagne"
b. turn over your glass
c. ask the waiter to pour water into your champagne glass instead
d. say nothing and allow the champagne to be poured

9. You're at a table in a restaurant for a business dinner. Midway through the meal, you're called to the telephone.
What do you do with your napkin?
a. Take it with you
b. Fold and place it to the left of your plate
b. Loosely fold it and place it on the right side
d. Leave it on your chair

10. You're hosting a dinner party at a restaurant. Included are two other couples, and your most valuable client and his wife.
You instruct the waiter to:
a. serve your spouse first
b. serve your client's spouse first
c. serve you and your spouse last


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